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St. Joseph / St. Robert?s - Catholic Youth Organization

Our CYO program offers sports for children from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Athletes also enjoy our end of year awards night, and two $1,000 scholarships are awarded to one 8th grade girl and boy attending an Archdiocese of Philadelphia High School.

Cross Country Kindergarten through 8th

Track Kindergarten through 8th

Soccer 3rd through 8th

Girls Volleyball 5th through 8th

Girls Basketball 3rd through 8th

Boys Basketball 3rd through 8th

Girls Softball 5th through 8th

Boys Baseball 5th through 8th

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SJR Fall Sports

To see what sports are open at any time please visit:

SJR CYO Golf Outing

The SJR Annual Golf Outing Fundraiser will be held at The Bucks Club in Warrington on September 25th.  All interested can email or call Dominic Anzideo at [email protected], 215-692-9682.

SJR CYO Scholarship Contest                   

2020 CYO Scholarship Winners - Patrick Gozdan and Mavis Brookreson

2019 CYO Scholarship Winners - Luke Shaeffer and Sofia Mazzarella

2018 CYO Scholarship Winners - Haley Stefanik and William Studley

2017 CYO Scholarship Winners - Will Horan and Lauren Scott

2016 CYO Scholarship Winners - Andrew Dachowski and Kelly Schoener

2015 CYO Scholarship Winners - Henry Schweitzer and Emily Traee

2014 CYO Scholarship Winners - Alexandra Cassidy and Kyle McNamee