Saint Joseph/Saint Robert

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Warrington, PA ---------------------------------

Welcome to Saint Joseph/Saint Robert CYO Baseball!

Sportsmanship, Respect for all Players, Coaches and Umpires as well as the CYO Mission is Paramount in Importance. All teams gather to pray before each contest.

Eligibility - All students in Saint Joseph/Saint Robert School, Saint Joseph or Saint Robert Prep program in Grades 5 through 8.

Programs - Baseball is open for boys only.

Levels - There are two (2) levels. 
  • Junior Varsity - grades 5 and 6
  • Varisty - grades 7 and 8

Please note that in the past, we have tried to run teams "grade pure". However, if we have an insufficient of registrants in a particular grade area, we may look to combine grade levels.

Registration - All registration should be done through wagdogs website. Late Registration may be done with PRIOR approval from Saint Joseph/ Saint Robert CYO Athletic Director.

Season - The Spring Baseball Season is from late March until end of May. There is an opportunity at the varsity level to participate in Archdiocesean Playoffs which could extend into June.

Tournaments – There are no tournaments played for CYO Baseball.

Uniforms – We are using uniforms from previous years in an effort to control our cost.  We do purchase new uniforms as needed. We will do our best to honor all size requests made at registration. Uniforms must be returned at the end of the season. Each player receives an uniform top, pants, baseball socks, baseball belt and a hat they can keep.

Directions - Attached are directions/addresses for baseball fields within Region 11. If there are any errors, changes or additions please contact a CYO board member so corrections can be made.

Tryouts - TBA

Practice - TBA

Games -TBA

Equipment - Glove, plastic cleats (no metal spikes), and if you desire, your own bat. We supply the bases, catcher's equipment, batting helments and baseballs. Please check before the season begins regarding restrictions on certain types of aluminum bats (i.e. their composite and barrel size).

Game Schedule – A scheduling meeting is planned and attended by all coaches participating in Region 11.  Schedules are not usually completed and confirmed until the beginning of April. If your child is on a travel team it is important to forward their travel schedule to their coaches prior to the meeting.  Every attempt is made to avoid conflicts.

Fields - The fields that are used are at Log College Middle School and at Johnsville (William Tennent HS).

Pitching Rules -

Junior Varsity pitchers are limited to 3 innings per game and a total not to exceed 6 innings in a 7 day period.

Varsity pitchers are limted to 7 innings in any 7 day period. A pitcher may not start an inning after he has thrown 65 pitches.